False Built-Up Unpaid Invoices

Hello, We are aware of the issue regarding a build up of false invoices totaling around $175.   Those invoices are completely false and do not accurately represent the status of your account.    For ALL UNPAID INVOICES, paying them WILL NOT RENEW your account.   YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO PAY ANY UNPAID INVOICES!

New App Download Link

Hi, if you're experiencing trouble downloading the app, the link changed recently.If you have not downloaded the app before, be sure to first enable "Developer Options" on your device so it can download 3rd party apps. Once enabled, you’ll need the “Downloader” app from AFTV.Once downloaded, go on “Downloader” and type this link in: ...

Thank you for choosing Stardom Streams!

Welcome to Stardom Streams. You have made a great choice and we appreciate your interest in our service! For any updates or news we have in the future about the service, we will post it here. Enjoy the service!